WestMusicWorks is a digital music production and publishing company, situated in Los Angeles and in the Netherlands. WMW covers a wide spectrum of music, ranging from pop trends, contemporary jazz, R&B-influenced Hip-Hop (or is it the other way around?), alternative rock, and advertising “jingles”. WMW combines the resources of an audio pre-production lab and a music publishing department

The founder of WMW is Bobby West. Bobby West plays the piano and synthesizer. He is arranger and composer. His recording experience is both as musician and producer. This list includes such names as Billy Higgins, Wynton Marsalis and Bradford Marsalis, R.Kelly. Bobby West also performed with a great variety of singers and musicians, such as Smokey Robinson, Helen Reddy, Wilson Pickett, the Ray Charles Orchestra

  • Contact information:
    Bobby West
    email     azzthetix@hetnet.nl
    phone   +1 213 705 6828